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  • Participation in the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair is limited to members in good standing of the ABAA and the ILAB.
  • Installation: Exhibitors may start setting up their booths on Friday, November 10 at 8:00 am. They will have until 4:00 pm to arrange their exhibits. Exhibitors agree that all exhibits must be fully set up by 4:00 pm Friday for the preview. Booths must be properly manned at all times during the show hours: Friday, November 10, 5:00–9:00 pm, Saturday, November 11, noon–7:00 pm, and Sunday, November 12, noon–5:00 pm. Exhibitors will be allowed entry to the fair two hours before opening on Saturday and Sunday and should be out of the facility within an hour of closing.
  • Exhibitor agrees to arrange displays and any and all other materials in such a manner that does not disturb the aisles or exhibits in adjacent booths, either physically or visually. Exhibitors agree that no flammable decorations, coverings, or materials will be used and that they shall abide by the Boston Fire Department Regulations.
  • Receipt of Goods: All goods must be plainly marked with the name of the consignor, the name of the show and the booth number. Shipments cannot be delivered to Hynes Convention Center prior to November 10, 2017. Under no circumstances will goods be received on which there are charges of any kind. Neither Commonwealth Promotion, Inc., nor the ABAA, nor the John B. Hynes Convention Center is responsible for any loss or damage to any goods belonging to any exhibitor.
  • Decorations: 8’ high booth backdrops and 3’ high side rail separation panels will be in position. All booths will be equipped with 2 chairs (4 for double booths, 4 total for shared booths), carpeting, an Exhibitor I.D. sign (2 in the case of shared booths) and a wastebasket. Additional equipment is available to exhibitors from the Fair Manager for an extra cost, and a schedule of those costs will be provided to all exhibitors.
  • Badges: The Fair Management will furnish badges to Exhibitors. All Exhibitors and anyone working with them at their booth must be registered and must wear a badge identifying them by name and company.
  • Booth Assignment and Character of Exhibits: All booth assignments shall be determined by the ABAA Book Fair Rules, and performed by the Boston Book Fair Committee and the Fair Management. The Fair Management reserves the right to make such changes in booth locations and exhibit displays as it may deem necessary for the best interests of the Fair.
  • Removal of Goods: Under no circumstances will any part of an exhibit be removed during the continuance of the Fair except by the written consent of the Fair Manager. Breakdown may commence immediately after closing of the show at 5:00 pm on Sunday, November 12, 2017 and all exhibits must be cleared away from the Exhibit Hall by 9:00 pm on Sunday, November 12, 2017. Some overnight storage MAY be available to those dealers who need it, but any exhibitor material stored overnight must be cleared from the John B. Hynes Convention Center no later than 10:00 am on Monday, November 13, 2017.
  • Anything not removed from the John B. Hynes Convention Center by the specified time shall be shipped to the drayage warehouse at the Exhibitor’s expense per order of the Fair Manager.
  • Neither Commonwealth Promotion, Inc., nor the John B. Hynes Convention Center, nor the ABAA or its agents shall be responsible for the safety of the exhibits, exhibitors, or their employees, or of visitors in their booths, against robbery or damage by fire or any other cause, or injury of any character to any person or article. In all cases, exhibitors wishing to insure their property and to insure against public liability will do so at their own expense. It is agreed that the exhibitors will indemnify and release Commonwealth Promotion, Inc., The John B. Hynes Convention Center and ABAA or its agents from all liability, which might ensue from any cause whatever. Where any possible danger exists for any visitor to any exhibit space, either through the operation of machinery or as a hazard of any other sport, adequate safeguards, including warning signs, must be provided and maintained by the exhibitor.
  • Neither Commonwealth Promotion, Inc., nor the ABAA shall have any liability for delays, or extra expenses, incurred because of strikes, labor disputes, or any other cause beyond its control. Exhibitors must conform to labor requirements prevailing in Boston relative to mechanical labor, electrical and other mechanical work being done relative to the exhibit.
  • If by any reason of war, fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or other cause, the Fair or any part thereof is prevented from being held, or is canceled, the Fair Manager and the Book Fair Committee shall, in their sole discretion, determine the amount, if any, to be reimbursed to each exhibitor.
  • Cancellations of Contract by Exhibitor: Cancellation of exhibit space must be directed in writing to the Fair Management Office. The deposit, which accompanies this contract, is non-refundable. If on August 31, 2017, or thereafter, the exhibitor gives written notice of its intention not to participate in the Fair, then all monies paid by the exhibitor to date shall be retained by Fair Management to cover expenses.

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